Friday, October 29, 2010

...the food journey....

After seeing my DO again on Monday, he is having my try a new supplement - it actually has some kind of healthy dirt in it - weird, but if it helps, I'm all for it. Also, my diet has been explanded - my DO doesn't think its all food related, there may be some foods that are a trigger, but it's not all foods on my list. Whew! I have been going hog wild this week with eating - yeah, there are times that I pay the price, but I don't complain, I just enjoy the food journey!!! I have cooked up some delicious foods lately - sweet potato biscuits, cheese enchiladas (yeah, maybe a bit much, but soooo good!), last night I had waffles with a real egg - yum! Am I healing yet, no, am I happy, YES! I have to watch my nightshade veggies, and be careful with the dairy - yeah, but it's so good! I try to save my dairy servings for something special.... hee hee. I am enjoying cooking again, I feel more motivated to keep the kitchen up and all - it all works together! I guess I'm just a brat - if I can have freedom to eat (always GF), I feel more power to do the other things I know I need to do! Some days I dream of my "dream" house - all it would have is a big kitchen that can be easily divided into GF and non-GF, of course, I want a simple home, a peaceful home.

time to get ready to start my day... feels like a good oatmeal day or maybe waffles again??? As snoopy sings "Food Glorious Food!"