Sunday, January 3, 2010

...of the Corbetts


Happy New Year! I have been wanting to start a blog forever now. I actually had a name already, but I can't figure out how to update it, so here goes with this one. I'm not sure what will appear here, it could be family updates or my adventures in gluten-free/food allergy eating/cooking. Yes, I made them pose like this! I love the picture!

We just had a big snow storm - lots of light fluffy snow. I tried to get pictures of the snow covered bushes with the lights showing thru - I think they look better in person. We are all safe and sound at home today. Kendra flies back to school tomorrow, school starts back for the Fab Four (my sister Janice referred to them recently as this - I really like it!) on Tuesday - it will be so empty here. I do believe that Sam will still be home - recovering from mono and now a head cold.

We had a fun and busy Christmas season - Mike turned 17 - we had 3 family celebrations - one included a lobster dinner provided by Frank! Mike graciously waited until Kendra flew in after his birthday to have this - Kendra was thrilled!

We stayed home together for Christmas and just had a very relaxing day - eating yummy food, watching Christmas movies together - it was great. My family came up on the 27th - yet another amazing dinner and a great time for all! Jessica was back from visiting her family, so she was able to join the fun!

The kids all had fun plans for New Years Eve, on New Years Day - we had friends over for dinner and Catch Phrase, ping pong too. Then we went to friends for a fun celebration! We are so blessed with great family and friends!

On a Gluten-free note (GF for short), I made delicious cheese and beef enchiladas - they were amazing and so easy! Having more variety in my diet definately makes cooking much easier. I'm not sure if I've gone overboard introducing new foods or not, but it sure has been a yummy holiday season for me! Yes, I've gained weight... oh well, tis the season!

I will end with a new years thoughts: I plan to worry less and trust and rely on the Lord more - after all, it is in His hands, worry only keeps me from enjoying life to it's fullest! Also, as my niece Trish said - no resolutions, just Optimism! I love it!

Happy New Year to All!


  1. I love it! You inspire me to update mine more often. Maybe tomorrow . . . I have a friend in UT who does a blog who is doing gluten-free eating, too. Hers is mostly a knitting blog, but she sometimes posts about her cooking and eating, too.

  2. Great blog. This is a super way to keep us informed of what's happening. Keep it up sister.

  3. i love the pic of the kids above - what a great candid!