Monday, March 1, 2010

... of the "dirt and rocks" diet

Some days I just have to laugh about the journeys of my diet and the search for answers to why I am always "on the run" if you will! Well, over a month ago my DO decided to make some changes yet again to my diet (which is what happened last year too), not only am I gluten-free (have been for nearly 7yrs now - it's looking easier and easier!), I am corn free, egg free, dairy free, nightshade free, sugar free and fruit free. What does that leave? dirt and rocks... sorry - I just have to laugh - my friend Polly and I came up with that. Not to mention the veggies that I was tested as being allergic to last year. I also avoid most soy products too. It has kept my weight in check and keeps me from overeating for sure! Cravings are pretty much gone too.
My DO suggested I finally get a colonoscopy done - I finally agreed! I saw my GI dr last Tues, and on Thur I was in getting the colonoscopy and endoscopy done. I will have my full results on March 8 - I am looking forward to some answers, I don't know if I am emotionally prepared for the answers or the solutions - I am praying for strength! One thing that was noted on my discharge papers was that they found inflammation in my descending duodenum, as I researched this, once we had power, I found that is the area that your body digests it's food - which is another issue that I have, I am not digesting food, we thought it was an allergic reaction. So, they did several biopsies and other tests. We will see!
It has been such an emotional roller coaster, this past week was crazy, I would just keep having breakdowns. I was so excited to finally go for this testing - I was desperate! Yet, it was draining. When we got home on Thurs, I was able to get lots of rest, then we lost power due to a crazy rain/wind storm! I just wasn't prepared for dealing with no water, no cooking etc, really a challenge when you have a diet like mine. I did "cheat" - my version of "cheat" - I had salsa and queso w/tortilla chips - 4 items that I'm restricted in, then on Sat I had potatoes. I was miserable after all this. Not worth the "cheat" for sure. I do believe my body was still adjusting after the procedures, I should have started off slower on Thurs, I was hungry. Lesson learned, eat slowly, mild gentle foods. I did also have popsicles to ease the sore throat - another food on the "forbidden" list. Today, I start fresh - limited diet, maybe some chicken broth to help my body readjust, lots of water. What's hard is that I really do enjoy cooking! With my limited foods, it just doesn't feel fun anymore. If my family ate the way I do, it would be a piece of cake (oh yummm), but... Poor Frank, I keep telling him that when the kids move out, we are going to be a totally gluten-free house - he can eat all the gluten he wants outside the house, but inside - no way! I need something to look forward to when I have my empty nest - another story for another day! Sorry to sound so moaning - I guess I just want to record all my feelings about this, something I wish I started December 2008 - when this journey began!
Off to recover the house after being out of commission for 2 days, and 2 days without power! Boy I learned a lot about how unprepared we are for emergencies! Sam made a good point - we don't have anything in food storage that you can just grab and eat! Good point!

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