Monday, March 29, 2010 diagnosis journey

Well, I had a great doctor's visit. I was concerned that my GI dr would rush me thru my visit like last time, it was not, he took his time. He went over things slowly, made sure we covered everything - it felt great. We still don't have a definate answer just yet, but we know that there is inflammation in various parts of my small bowel, intestines, colon etc - he listed a few names. He is thinking that it's either lymphocytic colitis, crohns disease or irritable bowel disease. He is running a battery of tests to rule things out. He is also testing for iron, potassium, B12 etc. He is checking my sed rate and ana, one theory is that this is an autoimmune response, possibly from my lupus - this may be how my lupus has been manifesting itself. Which would also explain the anemia. The other possibility is that it's vascular. I haven't researched any of this new information - so I could be repeating myself and not knowing it. I will meet with him in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I am on 60mg of prednisone - hoping that this will decrease the inflammation!

I can say that after just taking the smaller evening dose, I feel fantastic. I haven't felt to alert mentally, so alive - is this how a "normal" person feels? I feel like someone poured life back into my veins. I am hoping it keeps up. I am hoping I can accomplish much over the next 2 weeks. I know I can't stay on this for long. I had this realization at 10pm when I was getting Mike & Sam from LAX practice, maybe, just maybe I've been in a lupus flareup for so long that I just didn't know what "normal" felt like. I could have been dealing with it and just not knowing or recognizing it. Even my intestines feel better already - I had some snacks tonight that would make me bloated, gasey and uncomfortable, but not tonight. I want to just jump for joy! I may be getting ahead of myself - but why not rejoice right now - enjoy the journey! Thank-you Heavenly Father!

I do have some pictures from my test, I will scan and post them tomorrow - it's just so amazing. I am so grateful for the inspiration of my doctor. He was truly concerned about my health and how long this has been going on - I could really feel his empathy. That in and of itself felt great. Frank has been such an amazing support thru all this. He is willing to go gluten-free if it will help me - gotta love him for that. I am truly blessed.

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  1. I'm glad the meds are making you feel better. I had a similiar moment when on treatment for Lyme that I hadn't felt that good in years. Although still trying to get that well-being back I do have better energy. Healing can be a slow process. I could totally relate. What vascular could be causing? I was curious. Hang in there!