Monday, March 29, 2010

....of Theresa's patience....

I have been keeping myself busy today and I wait for the Dr. appt this afternoon. I have been working on keeping a journal of sorts of the journey I am on living gluten-free - the tears, the joys, the challenges, the frustrations, the successes. I plan to make a special scrapbook to chronicle these events. I wish I had kept a journal from the start - I can remember bits and pieces of what was happening, how I felt. I have some photos I can use too. I know it's been therapuetic for me to review all that has happened - most importantly - THE BLESSINGS! This is not a curse, it's been a great blessing - I have learned so much about the illness, about nutrition, about myself and what I CAN DO! It's been amazing. I know the support of my family and friends has been amazing too. As I get ready to head out the door - I just wanted to be sure to record some of my feelings. I go from totally excited - like a kid getting ready to go to a toy store and get a long awaited toy - to tears - not knowing what to expect. I kept thinking "I am prepared for anything" - I realized, I am not prepared for "we didn't find anything, we don't know what to do or say" - I'm not wanting to be "sick" - but I just want answers. So, I am on my way... I will update when I get back - and hey, I hope to have some pictures - if I remember to ask for some. Hi Ho Hi HO -- it's to the DR I go!

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