Wednesday, March 24, 2010

...tests tests tests

I was finally able to upload my pictures from my capsule endoscopy. This was the coolest procedure. I can't wait to see the results on Monday (March 29) - yes, I'm anxiously waiting!!!! The pill was huge, but went down just great. Then there is the stylish belt with the recorder for the pictures - I should be on CSI! lol. The prep went fine, it's the after shock when I can eat solid food again that is rough. It's been over a week and I am still super sensitive to most foods. I have felt strongly that I need to take dairy out of my diet until things settle down - hopefully not too long! lol. I also realized last night (after baking wonderful cupcakes and a carrot cake) that I need to take out sugar. The gas is really rough. NO, I don't "toot"! Just for the record, so I am super uncomfortable sometimes, most times. I do great on a liquid diet, I have to fall back on the clear liquids for a meal here and there to help my body! I am keeping good notes, so I will be ready for my appt. on Monday.

Last week I met with a nutritionist. We are trying to solve the mystery of how I can possibly be ingesting gluten after 7yrs. I've bought new pots and pans, new dish towels, new dish cloths, new personal care items. Keeping all gluten-free. I also have a new mixer just for GF, new baking pans - slowly building up my stash. All new cooking utensils, cutting boards, rolling pin - oh yeah - non-stick rolling pin - wonderful! I feel like a Gluten-Free OCD Monk! Yikes. But, if it helps - why not. We will not longer be baking with flours in the house, no cake mixes etc. The family can still eat gluten in the house, we just can bake or mix with it - the flours stay in the air anywhere from 24-72hrs. I feel like a total Gluten-Free nerd right now. Rechecking all my foods. I bought software that has lists of Gluten-Free mainstream foods. That is a big help. There are still so many things to research. If I had money - I'd invest in making inexpensive gluten-free personal care items. So hard to find. Foods are much easier - it's becoming the "thing" now. Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon - making Gluten-Free eating a breeze! I will update more when I get my results. I do want to add as a personal note, that this has been very emotional for me. I do know that there is a withdrawal that happens when removing key foods - like gluten, dairy from my diet - it's been an emotional roller coaster for sure. One step at a time, I am so grateful that Frank holds the priesthood and can give me blessings of comfort - as needed - what a great blessing!


  1. Wow! what a pill!

    Amazing that life at such a basic level can be so hard. I'm so happy Frank is on board with you. I know it must be hard for the kids to totally understand...

    Sounds like things are going in the right direction. Hope things go well on Mon! Oh, the wait will be so long.

  2. woah - that pill looks huge!!! i would have asked them if they had a liquid version...hehe! Thanks so much for the gluten-free crackers - they are yummy!