Wednesday, March 10, 2010

of Theresa's GI tests....

Well, just got home a bit ago from the GI doctor. The inflammation they saw could be a type of colitis - there was microscopic inflammation. It indicates that I am somehow ingesting gluten. Weird, I've been gluten-free for almost 7yrs. I am OCD about hand washing, dishes, foods etc. Not sure where it's coming from. A mystery to solve! I am on Pepto Bismol 4x a day to see if the inflammation will decrease. I am also having a Capsule Endoscopy done on Monday. This is to try to see if there is anything going on in my small intestine (I think) that would be causing my anemia. They are looking for possibly another autoimmune disease, like Crohns. This procedure calls for me to be on a liquid diet on Sunday, I go in on Monday, get hooked up to sensors and a camera. I will then swallow a "small" (ya right - I saw the photos) capsule that is a camera. It will take several thousands of photos as it travels. This will take about 8hrs. I will return to the office at 4pm to have the camera removed. On March 29th - I will get the results of this test. All in all - not a bad appt. Oh, yeah, I am off all my supplements, off the dirt and rocks diet. I just have to eat a strict gluten -free diet! WOO HOO! Life is sooooo good! I am hoping to get a picture of the capsule before I swallow it, and the camera and hook-ups - would make for a fun scrapbook page - ehh? I wonder if they'll let me scrapbook some of the photos taken with the capsule??? Just kidding = I don't think I could find any stickers, stamps or embellishments to coordinate with my colon! Ha Ha! Humor is the best medicine. Off to finally eat my lunch - my yummy lunch! Thanks to everyone for their love, support and concern thru all this, not to mention patience with me!

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